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Covid-19 Impact On Driving Lessons

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Covid 19 – How is it affecting current driving lessons

The pandemic is unprecedented and causing worry and stress to everyone. Our key objective at StartnDrive is to keep our nation safe from the virus, therefore we have made the decision to postpone all driving lessons until we have been given advice from the government that we can return safely, for the benefit of our Driving Instructors and the public we serve. 

We would like to thank you for your understanding at this difficult time. All of your pre –paid block lessons are safe and will be continued once the lock down is lifted. 

Nationwide all test centres are currently closed and tests are not pre bookable. Please rest assured that if you have a driving test booked for the next few weeks the DVLA have advised that they will ensure you are a priority once the test centers are open again.   

Are you a new customer? 

StartnDrive recommend that any new customers wishing to start lessons now or within the next 3 months should email/text or call today to prevent any disappointment. We anticipate a huge surge once the lock down is lifted and potential delays due to the back log, so please do get in touch to avoid disappointment. 

Coronavirus or COVID-19 16/03/2020

SND driving school info on corona for driving instructors and driving lessons

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a new illness which affects the lungs and airways. Symptoms are a high temperature and continuous cough. In East Sussex there are currently two confirmed cases of people testing positive for coronavirus or COVID-19 on the 13th and 16th of March 2020, according to Public Health England.

Our driving instructors would like you to stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms which are either:
A high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
A new continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly

If you have the symptoms stay at home for 7 days or if you live with other people, they should stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person who got the symptoms.

To avoid catching and spreading coronavirus:
Wash your hands with soap and water frequently for at least 20 seconds
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve, do not use your hands when you cough or sneeze
Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Start N Drive’s number one priority is the safety and well-being of our students and driving instructors. The driving instructor will ensure that the car is frequently cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning product. Please could we ask all our students at our driving school to wash their hands before the start of their driving lesson.

For more information please click on the link below https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

Which side of the car is the fuel cap on?

putting fuel in with driving instructor

It’s a situation that all drivers will face at some point, not knowing which side the fuel cap is on. Whether it is in your own car and you have simply forgotten. Or you are in a rental car and you do not know which side the fuel cap is on when arriving at a petrol station. The answer lies right in front of you, on the fuel gauge there is a fuel pump symbol, next to that is an arrow/triangle. If the arrow points to the right your fuel cap is located on the right and if it points to the left then it is located on the left side of the car.

At Start N Drive all students get the opportunity at some point during their driving lessons to put fuel in the car with the driving instructor. At our driving school we believe in teaching students the skills to drive for life not just to pass their test.

Smart Motorways

Smart motorways have been rolled out across the UK in the last decade. They use variable speed limits, can close marked lanes with a red X sign and also utilise the hard shoulder for an extra lane during peak times. This is done by centralised control centres.

It is illegal to drive in a closed lane marked with a red X sign currently resulting in a fine of up £100 and three points on your licence. However work is currently ongoing to pass legislation that will result in stronger penalties enforced.

Driving Lessons On Motorways With A Driving Instructor

It was the law for years that only new drivers could use the motorways once they had passed their driving test. However legislation has been passed that learner drivers can now use them when accompanied by a driving instructor with dual controls.

At Start N Drive our driving school offers driving lessons on the motorway. A 3 hour lesson would be required. A time can be arranged with your driving instructor.

Beginners Offer First 2 Hours £30