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Customer Reviews

Josh Lee 5th of July - Thank you start n drive, amazing instructor very patient, passed first try, very professional. Would definitely recommend

Meg Tarpovski 4th of June - Start N Drive have been so patient and kind, I couldn’t have passed without all there help. Thank you!

Joe Sarro 21st of May - Brilliant driving instructor, very easy to talk to and very friendly. Would recommend to anyone, and a first time pass!

Saphron Goldsmith 27th of February - Absolutely recommend!! Best instructor in eastbourne.. amazing knowledge and information!! Helped me pass first time with only 2 minors!! Even though you don’t need reminding You do such good work Start n Drive your amazing..

Sam Beeney 21st of February - Absolutely incredible! Made the whole experience stress free and easy, a really calm and understanding instructor

Zak Redbourne 24th of January - Quality service allowed me to pass my test first time, which I was very pleased about. We covered all the manoeuvres etc., and the progression was of a good pace to allow for all the necessary driving skills. Would recommend.

Jennifer Lucy Holland 13th of November - Thank you Startndrive. The instructor was patient and calm throughout the process and made it a real pleasure to learn to drive. The car always had a relaxed atmosphere! I would leave my lesson feeling I'd learnt a great deal. As a result confidence in my abilities grew steadily and I felt prepared to pass my test. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Josh Weblin 31st of October - I can highly recommend they helped me pass my test. The atmosphere was always calm and relax in the lessons which helped me concentrate and enjoy my driving

Callum Ward 17th of October - Huge thanks to Start n Drive, an excellent instructor, really patient and motivational. I started learning with really low confidence about driving and thanks to you I passed my test 1st time despite once feeling like I'd never get there. Excellent instructior.

Louis Whitling 9th of August - Start n Drive was a game changer for my driving lessons. Everything was logical and calm and helped me pass my test first time which is something I never imagined possible. Thanks Start n Drive.

Jackie Smith 8th of August - A big thanks to Start n Drive on helping me pass my test 1st time, I had left it awhile and was nervous about taking lessons but i can say i really enjoyed my time in the car. I could not have done it without Start n Drive. Thanks again!

Nicholl Kendal 11th of July - I'm so happy to be driving my little Beetle. Many thanks to Start n Drive for helping me to fulfill that ambition. I can highly recommend this company ot help you learn to drive and enjoy it!!!

Lawrence Gilli 10th of July - I’m very happy with my experience with Start n Drive, I passed 1st time with 4 minors because the quality of the instruction was 1st class and would recommend this school to anyone looking to start.

Elizabeth Baker 18th of April - Thanks very much to Start n Drive for your brilliant teaching! From day one you went the extra mile in helping me to pass my test 1st time. Would definitely recommend you to any one considering lessons.

Myron Spooner 7th of February - Start n Drive was a great driving experience and the instructor was patient with me throughout. He was a very thorough teacher and gave me the confidence to drive from an early stage. I would definitely recommend Start n Drive for anyone wanting to learn to drive.

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