Customer Reviews

Jack Carter - Scott is a great driving instructor, a good mix between someone you can have a good laugh with but at the same time learn the fundamentals of how to be a safe driver. His lessons are very informative but don’t feel like a chore, I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive no matter your skill level. Cheers for the 1st time pass Scott👍

Hattie Clark - Scott was a lifesaver - he fit me in last minute and was a massive help that led me to pass my test first time. Thank you so much

Tyler Wood - I was with Scott from start n drive and had the best experience feeling comfortable when driving and a very useful and helpful way to drive, resulting in a first time pass. highly recommend

Alex Wood - Startndrive is a fantastic learning company to start your learning with, Everything you do with them while learning is safe clear and understandable, Scott would always explain things very clearly and answer any questions that you ask would recommend! 10/10

Samuel Bessant - Learning with Scott was a great experience. Especially towards the end of the process, he was very effective at noticing and guiding me to iron out issues and potential problems that could have impacted the test.

Luca Royes - My Brother and I passed 1st time with driving instructor Scott. Very friendly guy and clear instructions on how to do certain things on the road. Would highly recommend this driving school to anybody wanting lessons. Thanks for everything Scott!! đź‘Ť

Luke Reed - Scott is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend Start N Drive to anyone learning to drive. His patience and advice has helped me to pass my Test on my first try which was a wonderful experience. Thank you again to Scott and Start N Drive for all your help getting me to this point. All the best to you.

Jonathan Pask - If you’re looking for an instructor but you are worried or nervous to make the plunge, Start N Drives Scott is the driving instructor for you! He’s a super chill, down to earth kind of guy that you can have a laugh with and feel like you’re practising with a good friend instead of a “Teacher” Scott is highly skilled and knowledgable as a driving instructor. Making you learn the car basics first way before taking you on main roads, so you feel as comfortable as possible. After around 60hours I managed to pass first time! Also Scott only uses a manual car so does not offer automatic driving lessons.

Amber Jarvis - Amazing driving instructor! So patient with me. Passed first time. Would highly recommend! I’ve had a few instructors but no one compares to Scott!! The Best around!!

Jemma Ellis - Thank you so much for the lessons couldn’t of picked a better instructor!

Tessa - Start N Drive have been fantastic throughout the whole process. Scott gives clear instructions with constructive criticism and advice that helped me overcome all my fears of driving and resulted in a great Pass. He was really helpful with advice for the theory test too showing how to apply what you learn in it to your practical driving skills. I would recommend Scott and Start N Drive really highly and cannot thank them enough for all the effort they put in to ensuring I achieved my goals.

Tom Davies - Great instructor, very friendly and prepares you for driving test and general driving very well.

Zak Watkinson - I highly recommend Start n Drive and there lessons! As Scott was patient, knowledgeable, and helped me build confidence on the road. The instructions were clear, and I felt well-prepared for my driving test. And passed first time!

Yusuf Khan - Scott is undeniably an outstanding driving instructor. His calm and patient demeanor sets him apart from the rest. Among all the instructors I've had, he definitely the best. Even in challenging situations, Scott remains composed and provides clear instructions. His ability to explain complex maneuvers make him stand out. Moreover, he personalised each lesson to address all the areas I struggled. If you're searching for a driving instructor, I highly recommend Scott.

Tom E - I can highly recommend Scott as a great driving instructor - patient, structured, and gave me the techniques to pass my test.

Jack GoldSmith - Couldn’t recommend Scott more, very attentive and very capable of tailing the learning experience to you as an the individual

Ella Poklad - I am very grateful for Scott's help with my driving. He calmly explained and showed in practice what I needed to know. With his help, I passed my test on the first try. Thanks a lot Scott!

Gary Fish - Thanks Start N Drive. Could not of done it without your help!

Luke Davies - Firm but patient and a great instructor. Exactly what I needed!

Jay Harris - Scott was kind and reassuring throughout my lessons. I was able to pass first time purely because of him. Highly recommend to all. Thank you Scott.

Ruth Greany - It has been a great experience learning to drive with Start n Drive. Scott is an excellent instructor who enabled me to pass my test first time. Hooray! He is patient and understanding, providing clear and concise instructions that made it easy for me to understand and execute the manoeuvres required to pass the test whilst becoming a safe and competent driver. His calm and personable demeanour made me feel relaxed in his company and comfortable behind the wheel. He is very supportive and encouraging, which helped me to maintain my confidence throughout the process and to pass my test with ease. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to learn how to drive or improve their driving skills. Passing my driving test as a mature student in less than a year is a huge accomplishment for me, opening up many new opportunities. Thank you so much Start n Drive!

Adam Berramou - If you’re in the market for driving lessons in Eastbourne then you’ve found the right place. My instructor Scott helped me pass first time and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Freddie Cullen - I would definitely recommend startndrive. Scott was my driving instructor and was very patient during lessons. He also highlighted my mistakes when driving and helped me correct them. I was showed a range of different techniques during my lesson which helped with my general driving and manoeuvres. I passed 1st time. Thank you Scott

Bethany Townsend - So happy to have passed my test first time with Start N Drive! Scott has been the best driving instructor with so much patience and kindness. Thank you for getting me set up ready for the roads!

Leke Ademola - Nice and enjoyable experience without stress

Stacey Weller - Just passed my test on the first attempt following lessons with Start n Drive. Scott has been a fantastic instructor - reliable, encouraging and immeasurably patient. Lessons always felt safe and were conducted at good learning pace. One aspect I really appreciated was Scott’s ability to quickly identify habits which were impeding my progress and adapting lessons to ensure these were corrected as soon as possible. Would absolutely recommend Start n Drive to any learner, regardless of experience level.

Ella Wilson - had lessons with scott on and off for the last few years and would recommend start n drive to everyone! he made it so easy to learn and always goes above and beyond for his customers! thank you scott & start n drive!

Edward Weller - I wanted some lessons to refresh my ability to drive a manual car after being in auto for so long, Scott showed me the ropes and I was back on the road in only a few sessions! (Probably need a bit more practice on the ol' gears though...)

Maddy Bladwin Charles - I would highly recommend Start N Drive, my instructor Scott was very patient and made sure i understood everything clearly aiding my confidence as a driver. Scott was always very friendly and easy going which definately made the expereience less nerve racking while also creating a feeling of safety through straightforward clear instruction. The lessons where structured always having a clear aim allowing me to make clear progressions and work on things i was specifically struggling with. :))

Austin Abraham - I would highly recommend Start n Drive! Scott is an amazing instructor. He is very patient and has great learning techniques. I learned lots during these lessons and I passed first time with just 2 minors. Thank you very much Scott!

Emily Thurgood - I would highly recommend Start n Drive as they helped me pass first time with only 4 minors! Scott was my instructor and he was extremely patient and helpful with guiding me through my lessons. After having a bad experience a past instructor, I felt much more knowledgeable and confident when doing my lessons with Scott. Thank you Start N Drive!

Evie Sleep - Scott has been really good instructor - with a straightforward and coherent teaching style. I felt my driving progressed very quickly with him, meaning my confidence, therefore, has grown too. This has helped me to feel very secure in my own driving now that I have passed my test, for which I am grateful.

Aaron Burrows - I would highly recommend. The lessons are enjoyable and they are very patient with new drivers. They are also very professional.

Nick Evans - Definitely recommend! Scott was a great teacher - really thorough and great at tailoring lessons to my needs. Thanks so much for helping me pass!

Tristan Dew - After not driving for 15 years I was really nervous the refresher course as given me confidence to drive in town, on motorways and my manoeuvres made easy. 100% recommend Thank you Star N Drive

Antonio Marra - Scott is great, is very easy to learn with him,is patient and well knowledge. is a very nice person and i enjoyed my time with him. and i pass the first time !!!!!! Highly recommended

Reema Dew - Highly recommend! I booked refresher lessons and motorway lesson with Scott during my second and third trimester of pregnancy. Lesson times were flexible and very accommodating. They were also well structured and good fun too! Thank you Start N Drive.

Jaime Felipe Cortes - Passed 1st time and with only 2 minors, had lessons with Bill and Scott, Would recommend it...thanks guys!

Sadie Douglas - I passed with Start and Drive with 3 minors. Scott was very patient and thorough. Thank you Scott.

Jack Barlow - I was recommended Start n Drive by a friend who passed his test with them and found myself learning both before and after national lockdowns, the company were brilliant throughout and helped me pass with only 3 minors!! Professional, thorough and all round a great company to go for if you’re looking at passing your driving test! 10/10 service

Jasmine Young - Scott is a really good driving instructor! I managed to pass first time with him! I would 100% recommend Start N Drive to anyone who is looking to learn!

Henry Francis - Would highly recommend Start N Drive to anyone looking to give themselves the best chance at passing their test! Scott was mine and my girlfriends driving instructor and we both passed 1st time with 3 minors each! Such a great teach and a lovely person! Very great full! :)

Caitlin Crowhurst - I passed my test 1st time and also my aunt passed 1st time with Start N Drive. I highly recommend them. Driving lessons where always enjoyable and informative. Start N Drive are a fantastic driving school.

Macy Pearson - I passed 1st time Thank you Start N Drive 100% recommend

Courtney Crowther - I would recommend Start N Drive my driving lessons were always enjoyable and I felt confident going for my test. I passed with only 4 minors.

Henry Disney - I have been learning with Start N Drive since April and have now passed! Scott has been great throughout the whole process!

Callum Donnelly - Scott is an excellent instructor I highly recommend startndrive, I passed first time with only 3 minors

Liam Morgan - I had Scott as my driving instructor and passed first time with 3 minors. I partially learned with a few instructors from other companies in Eastbourne & Brighton over the years but Scott was the best. He really made sure I was driving correctly and helped get rid of my bad habits. The driving lessons had a clear structure and were focused on my individual weaknesses and common areas of failure as my test got closer. He knew I was practicing between our lessons and was happy to suggest specific things I should work on, which helped accelerate my progress and increase my confidence on the road. Great instructor - would highly recommend.

Lisa Salway - Scott is a great instructor. Very patient and made me feel at ease. Couldn't have passed my test without him and is very good value. 100% would recommend :)

Ben Tudor - Brilliant instructor and helped me pass, great learning techniques and very easy going. Both my girlfriend and I have passed with this company. I passed 1st time with only 4 minors, definitely recommend!

Kate Singleton - Thank you Start n Drive I would 100% recommend

Kieran Piggott - I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive. They helped me out massively with my driving confidence and I couldn't have passed my test without them!

Jed Tolley - Passed 1st time with only 4 minors would definetely recommend start n drive! Driving lessons were enjoyable.

Edward Writer - Really great. Passed today first time. I would highly recommend to anyone amazing driving lessons and a great experience.

Lois Carden - Passed 1st time and 100% recommend! Very friendly and helpful. He was patient and caring , I'm glad I learnt with these guys . Very informative and to the point information.

Meg Rockingham - I have been learning with Start N Drive since I turned 17 and have been quite an anxious driver but Scott has been very patient and reassuring! I passed with only 4 minors! I would recommend Start N Drive to anyone looking!

Milosz Trajdos - Scott is an amazing instructor, I passed first time. His communications is good and it allowed me to follow every bit of his instructions clearly and carefully, even though he has bad jokes I would definitely recommend him as your instructor.

Courtney Ham - I passed 1st time! Driving lessons were relaxed, enjoyable, friendly but professional and informative. 100% recommend

Jamie Kent - I passed 1st time, lessons were relaxed and professional. Highly recommend.

Tom Woodhams 4th of May 2021 - I passed First time with only 4 minors. Start N Drive worked around my college timetable and was very friendly

Ben Shoesmith 29th of April 2021 - Highly recommend Start N Drive! Passed first time! Scott was flexible working around my commitments, patient and friendly! My mate also passed first time with Start n Drive to!

Aman Chauhan 22rd of December 2020 - Scott is a very professional instructor. He had been patient throughout all the lessons, explaining whys and hows very clearly. Took a focused approach and worked hard on correcting my faults. Bonus- very friendly and extremely patient. Highly recommend Start N Drive!

Simone Whitlock 15th of December 2020 - I passed 1st time with Start N Drive and so did my friend! The lessons were always enjoyable, relaxed, informative and motivational. Very friendly I would highly recommend them.

Leon Reed 8th of December 2020 - Excellent instructor I would recommend to any learners. Patient and encouraging and very knowledgeable 5 out of 5

David Wissam 3rd of November 2020 - Passed 1st time. Highly recommended. Really nice guys

James Askew 9th of October 2020 - Would highly recommend! Passed 1st time, they were excellent, calm, relaxed, patient everything you need before the big day, couldn't recommend enough!

Alfie Simes 18th of September 2020 - Highly recommend, calm and positive atmosphere, passed first time!

Rhys Wood 7th of September 2020 - Great and affordable driving lessons that give you all the help you need to pass first time

Robert Findon 2nd of September 2020 - If you're looking for top quality driving instructors, clear learner focused driving lessons, and excellent value for money, look no further than Start N Drive. Lessons are effective and enjoyable. The instructors are knowledgeable and good communicators. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Amy Yapp 2nd of September 2020 - I highly recommend! A very calming and positive atmosphere and they have great ways of teaching! Helped me so much

Zak Geer 25th of August 2020 - I enjoyed learning with Start N Drive. I would highly recommend them. Passed my test 1st time. Thank you! 5/5

Francesca Guldemond 1st of August 2020 - Professionalism, quality, and really lovely driving instructor, very patient and good value for money.

Annie Morland 25th of July 2020 - I would highly recommend learning with Start n Drive! Very patient, friendly and calm with a great sense of humour and positive energy. Great guidance, which has boosted my self-confidence. Thank you again Start n Drive for making me the best driver I can be!

Layla White 24th of July 2020 - Would highly recommend. Very patient and made me feel relaxed...perfect for anyone who is a bit nervous about driving

Ahmed Mana 28th of June 2020 - Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value. The driving instructors are very calm and understanding. And I really enjoyed my driving lessons with them. I definitely recommend them.

Sally Xerxes 17th of April 2020 - I really joy my driving lessons around Eastbourne my driving instructor makes then fun and informative. Highly recommend

Ben Matthew 10th of March 2020 - Really friendly driving instructor and great flexibility around time and location of lessons. Bill explained everything thoroughly and really clearly and helped build my confidence. I passed 1st time! Highly recommend learning to drive with Start N Drive.

Laura Wreford 24th of February 2020 - Great driving instructor and encoraging, thanks for getting me through.

Jack Cox 19th of February 2020 - Great driving instructor and explains things in a very clear and understandable way, he has a lot of patience which makes learning to drive a much more relaxed process, would highly recommend.

Stepheny Love 12th of February 2020 - Amazing driving instructor so patient and encouraging Thankyou for getting me passed!!!

Steven Marriott 6th of February 2020 - Thanks Start N Drive for helping me pass my extended driving test first time with only 4 minors

Robert Alexander 17th of January 2020 - Driving lessons with Start N Drive has been an absolute pleasure. The driving instructor has shown extraordinary patience, knowledge and consideration, which is in addition to his good humour and professionalism - all of which has meant that I genuinely enjoy our driving lessons, and get a lot out of each of them. For anybody looking for a driving instructor, I would recommend Start N Drive in a heart-beat. You won't find anybody better.

Sarah Bowen 10th of January 2020 - I passed 1st time with only 5 minors! Very patient and calm. 100% Recommend Thank you Start N Drive

Laura Barker 10th of December 2019 - Passed 1st time!! Couldn’t be more happier! Thank you for being patient and an amazing teacher

Joe Chan 11th of November 2019 - Lesson where tailored to my needs. It was made fun and easy from the start until the end when I passed 1st time. 100% recommend

Luke Underdown 6th of November 2019 - StartnDrive was extremely patient with me and taught in a simple and structured manner. I couldn’t have done it without them, I would 100% recommend them to anyone

Victoria Pindard 10th of October 2019 - Well where do I start, Bill taught my partner to drive about 10years ago and he was brilliant, so then it was my turn and what can I say, i was a nervous wreck, i had never driven before and it showed, but bill has the patience of a saint, he was AMAZING, he is a very friendly person and made me feel very comfortable whilst learning, to be completely honest now I have passed, I am going to miss our weekly lessons. I passed first time and I honestly wouldn't have been able to have done it without bill in the passenger seat. I would honestly recommend him to ANYONE and if your nervous, please don't be, it is a nerve wracking time learning to drive but I can assure you it won't be with bill. Thank you very much bill, I wish you all the best.

Lucy Bradley 30th of September 2019 - I passed 1st time with Start n Drive. They helped me massively to build up my confidence in driving again!

Samantha Domminney 19th of September 2019 - StartnDrive are great at teaching and was able to help me pass quickly. There explanation on the manoeuvre’s was clear and simple which made it easy to understand and complete. Would highly recommend Start n Drive.

Josh Lee 5th of July 2019 - Thank you start n drive, amazing instructor very patient, passed first try, very professional. Would definitely recommend

Meg Tarpovski 4th of June 2019 - Start N Drive have been so patient and kind, I couldn’t have passed without all there help. Thank you!

Joe Sarro 21st of May 2019 - Brilliant driving instructor, very easy to talk to and very friendly. Would recommend to anyone, and a first time pass!

Saphron Goldsmith 27th of February 2019 - Absolutely recommend!! Best instructor in eastbourne.. amazing knowledge and information!! Helped me pass first time with only 2 minors!! Even though you don’t need reminding You do such good work Start n Drive your amazing..

Sam Beeney 21st of February 2019 - Absolutely incredible! Made the whole experience stress free and easy, a really calm and understanding instructor

Zak Redbourne 24th of January 2019 - Quality service allowed me to pass my test first time, which I was very pleased about. We covered all the manoeuvres etc., and the progression was of a good pace to allow for all the necessary driving skills. Would recommend.

Jennifer Lucy Holland 13th of November 2018 - Thank you Startndrive. The instructor was patient and calm throughout the process and made it a real pleasure to learn to drive. The car always had a relaxed atmosphere! I would leave my lesson feeling I'd learnt a great deal. As a result confidence in my abilities grew steadily and I felt prepared to pass my test. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Josh Weblin 31st of October 2018 - I can highly recommend they helped me pass my test. The atmosphere was always calm and relax in the lessons which helped me concentrate and enjoy my driving

Callum Ward 17th of October 2018 - Huge thanks to Start n Drive, an excellent instructor, really patient and motivational. I started learning with really low confidence about driving and thanks to you I passed my test 1st time despite once feeling like I'd never get there. Excellent instructior.

Louis Whitling 9th of August 2018 - Start n Drive was a game changer for my driving lessons. Everything was logical and calm and helped me pass my test first time which is something I never imagined possible. Thanks Start n Drive.

Jackie Smith 8th of August 2018 - A big thanks to Start n Drive on helping me pass my test 1st time, I had left it awhile and was nervous about taking lessons but i can say i really enjoyed my time in the car. I could not have done it without Start n Drive. Thanks again!

Nicholl Kendal 11th of July 2018 - I'm so happy to be driving my little Beetle. Many thanks to Start n Drive for helping me to fulfill that ambition. I can highly recommend this company ot help you learn to drive and enjoy it!!!

Lawrence Gilli 10th of July 2018 - I’m very happy with my experience with Start n Drive, I passed 1st time with 4 minors because the quality of the instruction was 1st class and would recommend this school to anyone looking to start.

Elizabeth Baker 18th of April 2018 - Thanks very much to Start n Drive for your brilliant teaching! From day one you went the extra mile in helping me to pass my test 1st time. Would definitely recommend you to any one considering lessons.

Myron Spooner 7th of February 2018 - Start n Drive was a great driving experience and the instructor was patient with me throughout. He was a very thorough teacher and gave me the confidence to drive from an early stage. I would definitely recommend Start n Drive for anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Beginners Offer First 2 Hours ÂŁ50