Frequently Asked Questions

Driving Instructors Eastbourne FAQ

Which surrounding areas of Eastbourne do you cover?

We provide driving lessons in Eastbourne and surrounding areas which include Hailsham, Polegate, Stone Cross, Westham, Pevensey and Normans Bay. There are a variety of different roads in Eastbourne, ranging from country roads and town driving, to complex roundabouts and dual carriage ways. Your driving instructor will help develop all the skills you will need to become a competent driver in all areas.

When can I start my driving lessons?

Lessons can commence once you have a valid UK provisional driving licence or if you hold a full UK driving licence.

How old do I need to be to start driving lessons?

You can start to learn to drive the day you turn 17 years old.

How do I apply for a UK provisional driving Licence?

To apply for your first UK provisional driving licence you need contact the DVSA. It is costs £34 and you need to be at least 15 years and 9 months old. The easiest way is to follow the instructions online by clicking here on this link.

Is it possible to start my driving lessons before I have passed the theory test?

Yes it is possible and there is nothing wrong with this. However at Start N Drive we recommend that you start your theory while having driving lessons in Eastbourne. The combination of practical experience will help with your theory also your theory will help during your lessons. This will enable you have a better understanding of both and therefore passing your theory quicker with a higher pass. Also your driving instructor will help with this and can answer any questions you may have regarding the theory test.

How many driving lessons do I need?

This is the one of the most common questions driving instructors get asked. We all learn at different rates, there is no minimum amount of hours you are required to have. The DVSA states that the average learner needs 45 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours of private lessons with a friend or family member. At Start N Drive the average amount of hours a student requires from complete beginner to passing their test is between 35-40 hours, with no private lessons. Generally mature students require more lessons. A rough guide is 2 hours multiplied by age.

Can I have driving lessons in my own car?

Yes you can. We recommend this if you plan to take your test in your own car. At Start N Drive we believe this makes sense as lessons in your car will familiarise you with the handling and control of your car, as well as gaining vital experience on the road, enabling you to pass your test quicker! Regardless of the reason, our driving instructors are more than happy to conduct lessons in your car. For this service your vehicle will need to be registered, roadworthy and correctly insured.

Can I also have driving lessons with a friend or family member?

Yes, although it is not essential. At Start N Drive we would encourage this in conjunction with driving lessons with one of our driving instructors. Lessons with a friend or family member will give you vital experience and will reduce the number of lessons required with an instructor.

Is there a minimum age for the person supervising a learner?

To accompany a learner driver you must be over 21 years old and hold a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

How do I apply for a theory test?

The best way to apply for a theory test is to click here

What should I study to pass the theory test?

There are many theory test books, websites and Apps. We recommend you download an App, there are various ones available, most of these are free to download. Your driving instructor can help you with this.

How long is a theory test pass valid for?

A theory test pass result is valid for 2 years. Within this time you will need to pass your practical test otherwise you will need to re-sit your theory test again.

How much do driving lessons in Eastbourne cost?

Please click here for our full price list. You will find our prices are very competitive. Our driving instructors have years of experience and excellent local knowledge.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Start N Drive except payment by either bank transfer to your driving instructor or cash can be paid direct to your driving instructor.

What is your first driving lesson like?

If you have not driven before your driving instructor will take you to a quite location and run through the cockpit drill. This explains where the basic controls are, what they do and why. You will also learn how to move off safely, change gear and stop. This will allow you to gain a basic understanding and control of the vehicle. If you have driven before the lesson will be structured around your previous experience and ability.

What do I do if I need to cancel or change a driving lesson?

The best way to cancel or change a lesson is to contact your driving instructor direct either by text or phone call. Preferably by text as your driving instructor maybe in a lesson. With regards to cancelling or changing a driving lesson we require 24 hours notice, otherwise the lesson is chargeable. This is standard practice with all driving schools, although some can require 48 hours notice.

Can I take driving lessons when pregnant?

Yes you can take driving lessons while pregnant. If you have any concerns please seek advice from your doctor.

Do you have an automatic car?

No sorry we only offer manual driving lessons but we are happy to put you in touch with an instructor who does. Please see our link Manuel vs Automatic for more information.

Can I be picked up and dropped off in a different place?

Yes you can, at Start N Drive our driving instructors will pick you up or drop you off anywhere within the Eastbourne area. You may want to be picked up from college or work and dropped off at the end of the driving lesson at home or in town. Start N Dive is a driving school that is flexible and happy to fit to your lifestyle.

Is the car fitted with dual controls?

All our driving school cars are fitted with dual controls. We only use He-Man dual controls which are considered to be the safest and most effective in the industry

How do I apply for a practical driving test?

The best way to apply for your driving test is to click here

Which car will I take my practical driving test in?

We ensure that you take your driving test in the same car you undertook your driving lessons in. However you can take your driving test in any car as long you are correctly insured. If you are more familiar and comfortable in another car we would recommended using this car.

Will my instructor be in the car during my test?

If you would like your driving instructor to be in the car with you on test then yes. The choice is yours, you may or may not want your driving instructor to be with you during your test. We recommend whichever option makes you more relaxed and comfortable. Your driving instructor will discuss this with you.

What is the duration of the practical driving test?

On average a practical driving test lasts for 40 minutes. There are five parts to the test, for more information please click here

Beginners Offer First 2 Hours £50