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StartnDrive offers a range of different driving lessons in Eastbourne, catering to all proficiencies and confidence levels. If you’re completely new to driving, then our beginner’s 2-hour lesson will help you get a taste of StartnDrive’s driving lessons. If you’ve been on the road for a while and feel like you need a reminder, then we offer refresher lessons and courses. We also offer specialist lessons for taxi drivers in the Eastbourne area and motorway driving instruction.

Read on to decide on the best option for your driving ambitions.

Beginner’s 2-hour lesson

This is an initial session where you will meet your StartnDrive instructor and learn some of the basics of controlling a car safely. This session will also allow the driving instructor to assess your strengths and areas for improvement – to allow for a more tailored driving lesson course in the future.

Ongoing driving lessons

StartnDrive offers a range of driving lessons to suit all needs, timings and budgets. These include 1 and 2-hour bookings plus block bookings of 10 hours. During these lessons, our expert driving instructors will teach you how to confidently control a car, local test routes in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, how to pass the theory and practical driving tests, rules of the road and basic vehicle maintenance and safety checks.

Refresher lessons

StartnDrive can provide refresher driving lessons in Eastbourne that last from 1 to 3 hours. Each session can be tailored to areas that you feel least confident in, helping you become a better and safer driver. Re-learning safe driving practices can improve your confidence and aptitude, plus make driving safer for yourself, other road users and your passengers.

Motorway driving instruction

Subject to an assessment by our driving instructors, if we feel you are ready, you can take our specialist motorway driving instruction course. This will teach you how to handle your vehicle at speed, plus navigate the motorway network, processes and signs. If you find driving on a motorway daunting, this course will provide the perfect confidence boost.

Taxi driving lessons

These driving lessons are tailored to aspiring taxi drivers, to cover all the other aspects of a driving lesson in Eastbourne, plus fine-tune your skills for the ultimate passenger comfort and safety. Depending on your proficiency, we can help you eliminate any bad driving habits you may have acquired over the years or prepare for your theory and/or practical driving tests if you have to take them. We can help you prepare for all kinds of road and weather conditions, to ensure you always provide a premium taxi service. 

Our Eastbourne-based driving instructors understand the local area well and can pass on their specialist knowledge and insights during your taxi driving lesson.

Intensive and semi-intensive driving lessons

Our driving instructors can help you with semi-intensive and intensive driving lessons that aim to get you on the road quicker, offering the same instruction and safety training but in a shorter timeframe. The duration and intensity of the lessons are determined by the learner, meaning you can prepare for your test in the timeframe that suits you best.

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Beginners Offer First 2 Hours £50