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Client Centred Learning

StartnDrive has been providing learner-centred driving lessons in Eastbourne for over 21 years. Our approach understands that no two learners are exactly alike and may progress at different rates.

Our learner-centred approach brings a whole new, positive experience to driving. Throughout your lessons, we encourage you to discuss any areas of your driving that you feel requires improvement. These discussions and continuous feedback create the basis of your lessons. Giving you more ownership and control over your training and progress.

Our driving lessons take place in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, in one or two hour slots. StartnDrive uses a Ford Fiesta, that ensures reliability and comfort during your lesson. Prices start from £35 for a one hour lesson, with discounts for block bookings.

Our approach is fully adopted and endorsed by the examining body, ‘The Driving Standards Agency’.

Beginners Offer First 2 Hours £50