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StartnDrive uses the reliable and comfortable Ford Fiesta. One of the top choices in small family cars for driving enjoyment and agile handling, the Ford Fiesta will improve your driving lesson experience due to its nimble performance. 

Several car critics and reviews have placed the Ford Fiesta as the best car to drive in its vehicle class. Thanks to its precise and accurate steering, grip and control. This vehicle has been designed with efficiency and comfort in mind. Adjusting for road imperfections with ease and offering numerous seat height options to suit all drivers.

Approved by the British Skin Foundation our cars are fitted with window film. The film will protect you on your driving lessons from harmful UV rays, it reduces UV rays by 98%. Also the window film screen reduces the heat from the sun dramatically reducing the heat inside the vehicle by 85% making your driving lessons more comfortable.

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Beginners Offer First 2 Hours £50